Tags (or keywords) can be applied to Invoices so that they can be easily identified in searches. For example, an organization that processing invoices in multiple offices. A filter on the location of the Accounts Payable contact person would make searches more efficient.

By applying tags, you can increase your search capabilities.

Below, you will see that an invoice has the tags Claire_Knight and London associated to it. Claire Knight is the Accounts Payable contact person and London is the office handling this invoice.

A tag(s) can be created on the fly by simply typing the keyword and pressing Enter to accept it, or by clicking in the Tags field and selecting an existing keyword(s) from a list based on the Tags settings:

Filter on Tags

Choose from the menu Projects and Invoices.

The overview will display all invoices. When you click on the Filters button, the Tags field is featured:

In the Tags field, you can enter an existing tag(s) (defined in the Tags settings) to filter the invoices. In this example, the Customer and the invoice Status has been selected as part of the search and the tag London has been used. The invoice status Sent has been applied because Accounts Payable are only responsible for invoices sent. When the customer, status and tag values are entered, they will appear with a green button that can be removed to clear the filter. To exit from the filter, simply click the X button:

In the background, the Invoices overview will only display invoices matching the filter criteria and tag(s). Close the Filter window to see the results:

Search with tags

In the Invoices overview, you can also leverage the Search for finding invoices with tags.

Based on the example above, you can search on the tag Clare_Knight or London. Enter one of the tags in the Search field and press Enter:

Below, a partial tag for Clare has been entered and any matching results will be displayed:

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