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How to use tags (or keywords) for PSOhub users

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Tags (or keywords) can be applied to Users so that they can be easily identified in searches for many reasons, for example:

  • Location

  • Role(s)

  • Responsibilities

  • Skills

  • Languages

By applying tags, you can increase your search capabilities.

Important: Only Admin users can define tags for organizational users.

To define tags for a user, in the main menu, click on the Gear icon. In the Settings, select User Management.

In the Users overview select a user. When you scroll to the bottom of the User dialog box, you will see the Tags field:

You will see that the above User has the tags APAC (location Asia Pacific), Consultant, English, German and Part_time associated to it. These tags defines the user's location, role, spoken languages and their employment contract type. These tags can be important when a project manager is looking for resources with a specific skill set, location, etc to assign to a project.

To add further tags, click in the Tags fields and either enter a new keyword that does not already exist in the Tag settings or select an existing keyword from the pop-up list:

Once, the tags have been added to the user, they can be leveraged in the Resource Workload and Resource Capacity to find suitable resources to plan for a project(s) based on specific keywords.

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