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How to use tags (or keywords) for tasks

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Tags (or keywords) can be applied to Tasks so that they can be easily identified in searches under the All tasks and Gantt Chart (Favorites) overviews.

By applying tags, you can increase your search capabilities.

Tasks in a project can have tags associated to them in order to identify them. Below, you will see that a Task has the tag Report associated to it.

A tag(s) can be created on the fly by simply typing the keyword and pressing Enter to accept it, or selecting an existing keyword(s) from a list based on the Tags settings:

Search for Tasks with tags

Choose from the menu Tasks and All tasks.

All tasks across all projects in the organization will be displayed. In the Search field, tags can be used to to find specific tasks:

One tag or multiple tags can be utilized to search for tasks. As you will see below when searching with multiple tags a comma (,) is required to separate the tags. The comma behaves the same as the AND condition in searches ("report" AND "scan"):

The tasks list is automatically refreshed to match all tasks with the tags report and scan:

Filter on tags

Tags on tasks can also be filtered. In the All tasks overview, click on the Filters button. The Tags field can be seen at the bottom of the Filters dialog box:

In the Tags filter, enter the keyword to search for specific tasks. In this case, all tasks with the keyword "report". To close the filter, click the X button:

The results will automatically appear in the tasks list.

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