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PSOhub 2.9.0 - New Project Management UX and other small improvements
PSOhub 2.9.0 - New Project Management UX and other small improvements

Learn about PSOhub's new project management UX and improved task board as well as other small improvements.

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Hello all,

We are proud to launch the new project management UX and improved task board of PSOhub! From now on, you can enjoy a new user experience of our task board, my tasks, shared task boards, task board templates as well as also make use of a few new great features.

Be sure to check out the articles and video below for more information but here already is a list of a few awesome new things.

New Project Management UX and improved Task Board

Quick Add tasks

No more need to open a popup for adding a new task, you can now do this directly from the board or list view. Simply press the + next to the task list, start typing and when pressing enter or leaving the newly created task, it will automatically be saved. Also, when using enter, it will directly create another new task for you!

Checklist item assignment

You can now specify a due date and assign a user to the checklist items. Also, when assigning someone to the checklist, this person will automatically be added to the task.

My Tasks

We have made a lot of changes to My Tasks. By default, it will now sort your tasks based on the due date and always show you overdue and tasks due today. You can of course still switch to the board to add new tasks or the Kanban to see the status of your tasks.

Assign from screen

Another nice feature is the ability to assign tasks directly from the card/list view to someone. If you want to assign more users, you can click the assigned person and it will allow you to add even more users.

You can also set the due date directly from the card view and change the start/due dates from the list view. If the date is already filled, click it again to change it.

HubSpot Tasks

From now on, we support synchronizing tasks to HubSpot at the user level. To enable this, simply navigate to My profile and under the Marketplace tab, connect to HubSpot. For proper usage, the following criteria are in place:
1. Your PSOhub email needs to have an account in the connected HubSpot environment.

2. We can only sync tasks that are related to a project that came from a deal or was created via a company in HubSpot.

3. The task can only be assigned to you.

4. A Due date is required.

Once these criteria are met, every 2 minutes, the task will be synchronized to HubSpot. If you mark a task as done in HubSpot, it will be synced back to PSOhub, (also every 2min).

Should you want to make any changes to a task from that point on, the change needs to be performed in PSOhub. We will then once again sync it to HubSpot.

Personal Dashboard - List of Projects

You can now see the list of projects where you are a Team Member when you navigate to your Personal Dashboard. The list will only display projects with the stage Active. It will also display the number of hours the user has booked so far on the project.

User Management

We made a small improvement to the user management screen. The filter to toggle between active and inactive user is removed. Instead, we now show them in the list and give them another colour and strike through the name so they are easier to find if they need to be activated again.

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