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Integrating with Moneybird
Integrating with Moneybird

How to connect PSOhub to Moneybird

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In this article, we will explain how you can connect your PSOhub account to Moneybird to send invoices and capture payments made back to PSOhub.


Go to your organization settings (the cog wheel in the top toolbar) , then marketplace and click connect on the Moneybird tile

Login to the correct moneybird account and then, authorize access for PSOhub via the screen that appears

Once you return to PSOhub, you are required to fill in the appropriate revenue account for us to book your sales invoices on. We have one default revenue account that we use but you can add more on a contract line if you require specific revenue accounts to be used

By default, we will use the tax code called '21% btw' for the test. If you are sending invoices, you will be able to configure other tax codes per contract line. Just make sure that the names match the ones you use in Moneybird!

That's it! You are now all set to use PSOhub with Moneybird. If you want to do more advanced configuration, please the following articles:

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