PSOhub supports synchronizing tasks to HubSpot at the user level. To enable this, simply navigate to My profile and under the Marketplace tab, connect to HubSpot.

For proper usage, the following criteria are in place:

  1. Your PSOhub email needs to have an account in the connected HubSpot environment.

  2. We can only sync tasks that are related to a project that came from a deal or was created via a company in HubSpot.

  3. The task can only be assigned to you.

  4. A Due date is required.

Once these criteria are met, every 2 minutes, the task will be synchronized to HubSpot. If you mark a task as done in HubSpot, it will be synced back to PSOhub, (also every 2min).

Should you want to make any changes to a task from that point on, the change needs to be performed in PSOhub. We will then once again sync it to HubSpot.

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