Project & Resource Workload

We have improved the overall performance of the resource and project workload. The speed when loading and filtering data is now much faster and the number of projects loaded at once is also increased.

Minor Improvements

  • Contacts are now sorted in alphabetical order and selected correct within the edit contacts popup of a project/quote

  • The bexio tax code field is now mandatory when connecting to Bexio.

  • Adding a new task will now always make sure the new task is visible.

  • The name of the dependent task dropdown will now always fill correctly.

  • The values will now be shown correctly when using profitability in combination with the company currency toggle button.

  • Copying multiple tasks will now refresh automatically the screen and show the copied tasks.

  • Tasks assigned to people within a Quote no longer appear in My Tasks.

  • The +1 (or more) is now always shown when there are multiple people assigned to a task.

  • Bringing in a team assigned to a task board template now always brings the correct team as configured.

  • It is now visually clear that you can modify an expense fixed fee line within the invoice.

  • Discount is now properly sent towards Quickbooks.

  • Favorite stars are no longer visible within the all projects / project at risk tab because of technical reasons. The favorite tab of course still works and displays all the projects marked as favorites.

  • Moving time entries between contract lines will now update the total used of both lines correctly.

  • Deleting an invoice that was on the last recurring date will now set the date back to the end date of the configured recurring contract line.

Custom Invoice

We have added several date fields to now always show a date in the correct format as shown in the application. If you are using a custom invoice, please check the updated article here.

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