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How to create business units for your organizational structure?

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Business Unit settings

To create a business unit, go to the settings (Gear icon) in the main menu and in the My Organization side menu, select Business Units:

The Business Units page appears where you can build your organizational structure, for example, teams; departments; legal entities, etc.

By default, PSOhub will have created your organization has a business unit. Click on your organization's name to view it's properties:

The below Business Unit dialog box appears:



Business Unit Name

By default, your organization name will appear here. You can edit this name if required.

Use existing financial integration

If you do not connect to a financial software, this field will be left blank.

If you will connect to a financial solution, first finalize the business unit structure.

Once this has been done, you can then connect to your financial solution and return to this dialog box to select the integration.

If you are already connected and the connections should be with this business unit, then select your financial integration.

Inherit financials to child business units

By default, this field is checked, meaning that all business units created will inherit the financial settings of the organization. If unchecked, business units can be independently connected to their own financial software.

Add users

Click this button to add team members belonging to this business unit.

This is also how you can move users from one business unit to another.

Important: A user can only belong to one business unit.

In the following dialog box, you will only see users not assigned to this business unit. Select the users and click Save.

The users names are confirmed for the business unit:

Create a new business unit

Click on the + button to create a business unit under your top business unit. The following dialog box appears:

In this dialog box, and . If your top business unit is integrated with an accounting solution and the Inherit financials to child business units check box is selected, this new business unit will inherit the integration. If not, this field will be blank.




Enter the name of the new business unit.

Add users to team

Select the team members belonging to this business unit.

Use existing financial integration

If the top business unit has the Inherit financials check box selected, this field will not be editable. Whichever financial integration has been set at the top level will be inherited here.

When you click Save you will see your top business unit with the number of created business units (green circle). When you click on the green circle the business unit(s) will expand to display the business unit(s) and number of users:

Assign a Team Lead

From the pool of resources assigned to a business unit, a team lead can be selected (this member will be responsible for approving hours in a future release of PSOhub). Select the business unit by clicking on its name:

The Business Unit dialog box appears showing all team members:

Click on the Assign Team Lead button. Select the user to become the team lead and click Save:

The team lead is easily identified as shown below. Click the x to close the dialog box:

Important: A team lead cannot be moved to another business unit. They must first be removed as a team lead.

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