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PSOHub 2.9.2 - Business Units
PSOHub 2.9.2 - Business Units

Organize Your Teams Your Way with PSOhub's Business Units - Work Smarter!

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The first big release of this year marks the arrival of one of the most powerful features of PSOhub: Business Units!

Business Units

Business Units (BU) is a new layer within each organization of PSOhub and is available for all subscriptions.

With BU , you can divide your users into teams, department, divisions, regions and more! You can also assign a team lead for each BU (who will have specific functions in the near future!). Business units can be assigned at both the quote and project level. And users can be added as team members on a quote or a project even if they are not related to the quote/project's business unit, allowing you to share a pool of resources regardless of their respective business unit.

Last but not least, you can now connect different financial integrations within the same Organization via Business Units. This will allow companies with multiple legal entities to work within the same PSOhub organization, share resources but still be able to invoice in their own currency and with their own financials.

IMPORTANT NOTE: We've already given you a head start by creating one single business unit for your organization and added all your users to that business unit. Quotes and Projects will also automatically inherit this business unit and so will time entries and invoices.

Once you have your own organizational structure in place, you will be able to move users from one BU to another and, for new quotes and projects, select their related business units.

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Other improvements

  • We have revamped the Settings menu of PSOhub; the different tables are now displayed as sub menus and grouped by "subject" e.g. Organization, Users, Templates, etc., making it easier to find what you are looking for.

  • We've added a new table G/L Accounts in the Settings of PSOhub. This will allow you to create the list of your revenue accounts and select them via a drop down menu in your contract lines; a long time request from our users!

  • and more!

Minor fixes

  • It is no longer possible to edit invoiced time entries via the hours list of the contract line time entry pop up.

  • We have made a fix to allow multiple filters to be applied together with tags for the project and resource workload

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