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Learn what are G/L accounts in PSOhub

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If you integrate PSOhub with your financial software, you will have to specify what G/L account (revenue account) should be used when sending the invoices to your financial package. That information can take many names and will vary based on the financial tool you are using.

You will be asked to identify a default G/L account when you first connect with the accounting tool and this can be identified in different ways, depending on the financial package. Refer to the articles related to your accounting integration: Bexio, Exact Online, Xero or QuickBooks Online.

If you need multiple G/L accounts, for example, for different contract lines, you will be able to create them in the general settings, under My Organization and GL Accounts menu.

In the GL Accounts view, click the Default revenue accounts button, to display the default revenue account from your accounting software:

Below, are example default accounts from Exact Online and QuickBooks Online. The value in the GL Name / Article / Item / Service / Product is the name of the default name when connecting PSOhub to your accounting software for the first time:

These values can be modified by overriding the existing one.

Click Save.

To add your other GL Name / Article / Item / Service / Product names, click the Add GL Account button:

The below dialog box will appear, where you can fill out the details:

Click the Save button.

Map GL accounts to contract lines

For invoicing purposes, should some of your contract lines leverage a different G/L account other than the default G/L account, you will need to link them to these accounts.

This mapping can be pre-defined at the Contract template level. Or it can be done directly in the project.

Contract template level

In the your contract template, select the contract lines. Scroll to the Accounting details section and you'll see the Linked GL Accounts (Only select one per Integration) field. In the drop-down list, select the GL account / article and click Save.

Repeat these steps for each contract line that should leverage a different G/L account other than the default G/L account.

For any project using this template, when an invoice is sent, the value of the amount to be invoiced in the contract line will be sent to the accounting software's selected GL account / article.

Project's contract line level

You can also update your contract lines directly at project level. Open the contract line and in the GL Name / Article / Item / Service / Product field, select the relevant GL account so that when the contract line is invoiced, the amount will be sent to your accounting software's GL account / article:

Once you have selected the account, click Save.

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