A project manager with access to project financials including resource Selling Rates but no cost rate, can create and modify their projects and plan resources. He/she will also have access to the Personal dashboard and Project Dashboard.

To prevent a project manager from having access to the resources Cost Rate, the user settings can be configured as shown below:

The project manager role is selected as the Access level but only the first check box below it concerning the financials with the exception of the Cost Rate is checked. Then, click the Save button.

Note: if a person with access level of Project Manager with to project financials including resource Selling Rates but no cost rate is added as a team member on a project, this person will NOT be able to modify the project (as would the actual project manager of the project).

When the project manager signs in, he/she will has access to all modules: Quotes, Projects, Tasks, Resources and Time & Expenses as well as the Contacts and Companies. They will have no access to the organizational settings:

The Quotes module

In the Quotes module, the project manager will see their own quotes with financial information.

When a quote is selected, it is displayed with its contract lines confirming the Amount and Budget as well as the Total quote value.

When adding team members or roles to a quote, the project manager will only see the Selling Rate and not the Cost Rate for these members:

The Projects module

The Project view

The project manager will see their own projects and projects they are assigned to as a project manager with financial information as well as the health Alert status:

When a project is selected, the project's contract is displayed confirming the Amount, Budget, Used and Invoiced values. The total value of the project is visible in the left-hand pane. The value of logged hours and expenses, and invoices are visible in the right-hand pane:

Workload sheet

The project manager will have access to plan resources and budgeting for project they own using the Workload sheet. He/she will see the planned resources with their selling rate, the number of hours planned and the value of the hours:

The Invoices view

All invoice information is displayed for projects owned or assigned to the project manager:

The Tasks module

This project manager will have the same access to tasks as the basic project manager, but with the addition of the Task Capacity:

The Resources module

Unlike the basic project manager, this project manager will have the ability to manage their resources, by leveraging the Resource Workload, Project Workload and Resource Capacity.

The Time & Expenses module

The project manager will have full access to all time and expenses, including the Selling Rate and Total amounts.


This project manager will have access to the Personal and Project Dashboards:

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