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Create a Workload Sheet template
Create a Workload Sheet template

Understand Workload Sheet templates and how to create, modify or delete one

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What is a Workload Sheet template and how do I create one?

Workload Sheets serves as the structure for project budgeting and planning resources. The template(s) are simply pre-defined workload sheet structures that you can leverage when creating a quote(s) or project(s). Workload sheets are always related to a contract template. You can have multiple workload sheet templates related to one contract template (for example, for a different currency).

Important: A workload sheet is the detailed budgeting of hours, roles and resources. The budgeting of hours is reflected in the quote or project contract and is used as the financial proposal or agreement between your customer and your organization.

A workload sheet template will save you time when building the same type of quotes or projects for contract templates. By creating a template, you can insert it in as many quotes and projects using the same contract layout.

To create a workload sheet template, in the main menu, click the Gear icon:

Next, in the left-hand menu, select Templates and Workload Sheet Templates:

To create a template, click the Create button:

The New workload sheet template dialog box appears:

The table below explains the fields to be filled out:



Workload sheet template name

Leave this field blank as it will be automatically named once the Contract template has been selected.

Note: You can always rename this after the template has been created.

Create workload sheet template based on contract template

Select the contract template for which you wish to build the workload sheet template.


By default, your base currency is selected, however, you can select a different currency that has been configured in the Currency settings.

Important: If you have projects in different currencies, you must have a workload sheet template per currency.


This is not a mandatory field.

You can enter the purpose of the template.

Click the Save button to display the new template:

By clicking on the Add line button you can select specific contract lines to create a budget from:

Or, you can click Add all lines to insert all contract lines to be budgeted. The following message will appear, simply click Proceed.

All the contract lines will be pushed into the workload sheet template:

For each contract line, you can add budget lines for your project roles and plan/estimate the hours required for the role(s) to fulfil the deliverable for the duration of the project. To do so, click on the + button next to each contract line. The Add/Edit resource dialog box will appear. In the Project role field, select the role to be planned. You will see the hourly Selling rate displayed for that role.

Click the Save button and you will see that the role appears as a budget line:

For each budget line you can enter the estimated/planned hours:

  • As a Total amount and when added to the project, the hours can be distributed across the months for the duration of the project or;

  • The hours can already be divided across a number of months. The totals and value of hours are displayed at the bottom and top of the template.

Note: A workload sheet template is not per year but for the duration of a project.

Note: The hours can also remain empty in the template and when added to the quote or project, they can be planned in more detail.

Edit a workload sheet template

To edit the name of a template, click the ellipsis button and click Edit:

You can also modify the template description. Then, click Save the button.

Delete a workload sheet template

To delete a template, click the ellipsis button and click Delete. You will be asked to confirm the deletion before you click the Proceed button.

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