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Learn where to find and modify your notification settings

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The notification settings are defined at the user level and can only be configured by the user him/herself. To access your notification settings, click on your profile and select Notification settings.

In the next pop up window, you will find the list of notifications available in PSOhub. By default they will all be set to active. The toggles will allow you to put "On" or "Off" the different alerts as well as specify how you want to be notified (via notification* in PSOhub or via email).

Note: Notifications related to tasks is only applicable at the project level and will only be triggered when the project is set to Active.

Once you are done with your modifications, simply click Save.

* To view the notifications in PSOhub simply click on the bell icon located on the menu bar of the application.

Note: You can also access your notification settings via any email sent from PSOhub and related to a notification. Simply click on the link To change your notifications, please click here.

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