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Activate approval of hours

How Admin, Controller and Project Manager access level users can activate hours approval?

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Updated 17th January 2024

Access to the Approval hours is evident in the main menu when you log into PSOhub:

Admin or Controller level access

Project Manager level access

Important note: All existing logged hours prior to the Approval hours activation are system approved by PSOhub. This means that in the Hours overview, all time entries are shown as per usual but you will notice that there is a TL (Team Lead) column and a PM (Project Manager) column set to Yes by default. These default settings indicate that PSOhub has automatically approved these hours. These time entries can still be opened and modified accordingly.

Activate the approval of hours

In PSOhub, you can choose whether a project manager and/or a team lead within a business unit can approve hours. If projects require both a project manager and a team lead to approve hours, the team lead makes the final approval.

In the Business Units settings, you can determine whether projects belonging to a business unit requires team lead and/or project manager hours approval:

The Team lead approval for hours and the Project manager approval for hours settings, allows you to configure approval for the selected business unit and all connected business units:

For the example above, if Silvia is the team lead for the Silvia LTD England business unit and the Team lead approval for hours option is selected, the following dialog box appears:

From the above window, you can confirm who is the team lead to approve hours for the connecting business unit. Click the Save button.

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