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How does a team lead approve hours?

Understand how a team lead with Admin or Controller access levels can approve, modify or reject time entries

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Choose from the menu Approvals and Team Lead Approval.

The Hours Approval list allows the admin or controller to view per week the hours to be approved per resource. If there are no hours to be approved for the selected resource, the following message will appear:

By clicking on the drop-down list, you can select a resource to check if there are hours to be approved as a team lead:

In the example above, Jessica Graham has been selected for a specific week. In the PM column, you can see that her hours have already been approved by a project manager, but a team lead approval is required before the time entry is ready for invoicing.

Manually approve hours

To manually approve a time entry or multiple entries, select the check boxes and click the Approve button:

The approved hours will disappear from the current view. In the Hours overview, you will see confirmation that the hours have been approved by the project manager and now the team lead. This time entry is now ready for invoicing:

Note: Once time entries have been approved by the team lead, the record is locked and cannot be modified except by an Admin access user.

In the next example, you will see an entry that cannot be approved because it has not been first approved by the project manager (PM column is not selected). These entries are marked in red and there is no check box to approve it:

The project manager needs to approve the time entry before the team lead can.

Auto Approve hours

When hours are within or on-budget for the selected period, you can choose to automatically approve them without manual checking and approving each individual time entry. To do so, click on the Auto Approve button.

A Confirmation message will appear. Click Proceed and the approved hours will disappear from view.

Reject time entries

Time entries approved by the project manager can be rejected by the team lead and emailed to the resource with comments. For each time entry, there is a Reject button:

When you click on Reject, the Approval Reject hours window appears, asking you to select the reason for declining the time entry:

Select the reason and click Send.

The approval page will display the rejected time entry with the reason:

The resource will receive the below email.

They can click on the provided link to open the time entry, select the Status tab to see the reason why the team lead rejected the time entry after the project manager approved it and correct it in the General tab:

Click Save.

How to use the Approval filters?

As a team lead you can filter on the following options:

Filter option


All incomplete weeks

Display time entries where the budgeted hours are incomplete.

Include approved hours

Display already approved hours waiting to be invoiced.

My team

Display hours where you are a business unit team lead.

Business Unit

As an admin or controller, you can approve project hours for any business unit.

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