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Approvals - Hours overview

How can a team lead see resources incomplete timesheets?

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The Hours overview provides the Admin or Controller access user with an instant summary of your team's incomplete timesheets and where you can send automatic reminders (the same as in the Resource dashboard). Without complete timesheets, you're at risk of not invoicing all hours and therefore putting projects at risk.

This overview looks at all users required to log time as defined in the User settings (under User Management):

  • Timesheet required option set is to Yes;

  • Validates the date set in the Start date timesheet registration field;

  • Number of contractual Hours per week.

To review outstanding timesheets, choose from the menu Approvals and Hours Overview:

The following summary appears:

As a team lead, you can select the period in weeks and for the current year or the previous year:

You can also filter on timesheets per business unit or for the business unit where you are the team lead, as defined in the Business Unit settings:

The incomplete hours appear in the overview and reminders can be emailed to the resources to complete hours for a specific week, simply by clicking on the link Send Reminder.

When a reminder has been sent, the overview will display the status against that timesheet:

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