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Create custom invoice settings for business units
Create custom invoice settings for business units

How to overwrite the default invoice settings and configure each business unit to apply their own invoice settings?

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Different business units can have different approaches to invoicing their customers. One organisational invoicing does not fit all business units. Some business units may require invoice templates using specific wording, address, tax number, Chamber of Commerce number, bank account or name of sender.

In PSOhub, you can configure business unit's to use different invoice settings that differ from the rest of the organisation:

  • Business unit logo

  • Business address

  • Tax number

  • Chamber of Commerce number

  • Bank account

  • Sender

How to configure a custom invoice for a business unit?

Navigate to the Business Units settings, by clicking on the Gear icon in the main menu:

Expand the business unit structure and click on the desired business unit's name:

The Business Unit properties appears. Click the Invoicing tab:

Here, you can overwrite the default invoice settings and configure the specific invoice settings for the selected business unit. Click the Enable custom invoice settings button to configure the business unit:

Note: All fields should be completed if you want the information to appear on the invoice.

The table below provides an explanation of the fields that can appear on an invoice:



Use custom invoice settings

When the custom invoice settings is switched on, this check box is selected. To remove custom invoicing, uncheck this box.

Invoice layout:

  • Default

  • Custom

Select one of the two invoice layouts:

  • Default will present the invoice in a basic layout; with or without a business logo.

  • Custom will give you the option to use invoice templates for the invoice summary page or the invoice with a summary page and specification page.

Download one of the templates below:

When one of the templates have been uploaded, you can preview it before saving it:

Business unit logo

You can upload a different company logo for your business unit.


Enter the full billing address for the business unit, including the Country if it's applicable.

Tax number

The business unit's tax number.

Chamber of Commerce number

The business unit's Chamber of Commerce number.

Bank account number

The business unit's bank account number.

Default sender

If applicable, select a user belonging the business unit.


For the invoice reference, PSOhub will generate a prefix based on the first two characters of the business unit's name. You can overwrite this prefix to one of your choice.


The invoice year is fixed to the current year. This cannot be modified.

Follow number

The invoice id starts with the number 1 and will automatically increment by 1.

Once all the information has been entered, click Save.

All projects created for this business unit will from now on generate invoices using these custom invoice settings.

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