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How to set up the language for an invoice?
How to set up the language for an invoice?

Learn how to select the language for your invoices.

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Created 23rd January 2024

Invoice language settings should be set in the organisational Invoice settings and at project level.

Invoice settings

To set your organisational language settings, click on the Gear icon in the main menu and under Module Settings select Invoice Settings:

Scroll down to the Invoice label names section. This section will allow you to change the labels that are currently on an invoice, i.e. the Summary page, the Specification page as well as the Footer and Note.

Language 1

PSOhub will display in Language 1 the English labels of an invoice and set this language as the default for your invoices. You can however modify the language and/or make Language 2 the default language of your invoices.

Language 2

This section will allow you to define a second language for your invoices.

Select/modify the language for either Language 1 or Language 2

To select a language or to modify the language, click the pen icon and use the drop-down arrow to select the language you want.

Once you have selected another language, and if there is a template language, PSOhub will ask if you want to use it. Keep in mind that you can modify the text in the template.

Click Yes if you want to use the template or click No if you would rather populate the fields yourself.

Note: PSOhub will display (in both columns) watermark text in English that will indicate to what information this label relates.

Once you are done click the Save button.

Once your language(s) have been configured, you can select the chosen language for your project invoices.

If you have only defined one language in the Invoice Settings, ensure that it is marked as the default language. Your language(s) will be automatically displayed in the Invoice language field of your project properties (in the left-hand pane, under About this project). Click the Edit button:

If you have defined two languages, the one marked as the default language will be automatically displayed in the Invoice language field of your project. In the example above, English is the default language. Using the drop-down arrow of the field will allow you to select the second language.

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