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Learn what business units are in PSOhub

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What are business units?

Business units will allow you to define an organizational structure in PSOhub.

How you want to define that structure is entirely up to you; you can use business units to represent teams, departments, divisions, legal entities, etc. and you can have as many levels as you want.

At the business unit level, you are able to:

  • add users;

  • define a Team Lead (who will have specific functions in future releases of PSOhub -coming up this year);

  • integrate with an accounting software.

Business units can be assigned at both the quote and project level. And users can be added as team members on a quote or a project even if they are not related to the quote/project's business unit, allowing you to share a pool of resources regardless of their respective business unit.

Business units can be leveraged for filtering and reporting throughout the whole solution as well as via the Export to Excel and Odata feed.

IMPORTANT NOTE: By default PSOhub will create one single business unit for your organization and add all your existing users to that business unit. Quotes and Projects will also automatically inherit this business unit and so will time entries and invoices.

Once you have your own organizational structure in place, you will be able to move users from one BU to another and, for new quotes and projects, select their related business units.

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